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DJ KIDNU 2014 SFS DJ Of The Year is a Domestic and International renowned Disc Jockey, Musical Enthusiast and Entrepreneur. His presence, creativity and innovative style captures the hearts of both local listeners and noted Celebrities in various musical genres. 

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in the South Bronx, at an early age DJ KIDNU had an "EAR" for music because of his exposure to music, especially Hip-Hop during the early 1980's. This was his fuel to follow his life long career into the realm of DJíng.

The Ability for DJs and music producers to mix and scratch matched with their profund impact on large crowds served as inspiration for DJ KIDNU to master the craft in hopes of cultivating a major mark in the music industry.

Through an overwhelming amount of support from family, friends and radio listeners, DJ KIDNU has been said to be the "Youngest and Highly Demanded" DJ in the NY area. With his experience and notoriety, DJ KIDNU also works to expand his repetoire by promoting his events and producing records for up-and-coming Artists.

DJ KIDNU is featured on:


- THE MIX 88.9 FM Virginia

- 107.5 FM WBLS New York

- 98.1 FM Urban Heat in Boston

- Shade 45 Sway In The Morning Show

- 101.3 FM Jamz in Charlottesville Virginia

- Mixing Online on 108 Soul (The Soul New York)

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